What is it ?

Continuation Labs is a privately held Research and Development Lab whose purpose is to experiment and publish innovative works using new technologies in the field of software engineering: new programming languages, software platforms, methods and tools. See the Projects page for more information.

The Lab also provides Professional services.

Who is behind ?

The Lab is operated by Gabriel Cuvillier, a passionated and experimented software engineer. You can find more information about him on his website.


Actual research is focused on technologies that enable safe and efficient client-side execution of portable executable binaries on the Web.

WebAssembly is such a technology, and a W3C standard adopted by all major Browser vendors. Along with Emscripten (C++) and other programming languages targeting WebAssembly (Rust, C#, Go), this new ecosystem is the foundation of tomorrow’s Web development.


Current projects

  • D3wasm: An experimental port of id Tech 4 / Doom 3 to WebAssembly - Jan. 2019
  • Arxwasm: Port of Arx Fatalis to WebAssembly - Nov. 2018
  • Next project to be announced

Past project


  • Software Engineering Consulting on innovative projects, requiring high technical skills and knowledge, and/or technical leading skills.

  • Sponsored Development, on the current Lab projects.

Professional Experience and additional skills information can be found here.

For further inquiries, contact the Lab at contact@continuation-labs.com